Client Objective

US client purchased 50 new desk workstations from China supplier. 6 pallets required to be picked up in Shenzhen provence, customs cleared for export, shipped to NYC, fully cleared with all duties and taxes paid for on arrival. Part of the shipment then needed to be transported via express freight within 48 hours from NYC to Texas & deliver to Wheels We Deliver storage facility. 10 desks were then required for clients corporate Texas offices immediately with full assembly required on site

Task Detail

  • Coordinate collection of shipment with Chinese supplier.
  • Arrange pick up of 6 pallets from Shenzhen provence for Air Freight to the USA.
  • Arrange, complete and check all export documents for customs clearance.
  • Arrange Time definite air freight delivery to NYC with airline and process all the necessary paperwork for customs.
  • Maintain a constant open communication line to clients with regular status updates to their team.
  • Organise a crew of movers and handymen to move & assemble desks on site at clients Texas offices at a predefined time selected by client. All waste to be removed for disposal.
  • Project completion required within 2 weeks.

Making it Happen

Wheels We Deliver team engaged immediately with China supplier. Despite challenging time differences, clear & concise communication with China vendor ensure a prompt turnaound of freight collection and supply of clearance documentation for exporting the freight. 

  • Simultaneous engagement with our NYC agents and pre alert supply of all documentation ensured freight was cleared on arrival in the US. A local crew were scheuduled to be on hand at the port to take the shipment our Wheels New Jersey warehouse immediately after clearance.
  • A second two man driving team picked up the Texas part of the shipment & were immediately desptached for non stop drive to Wheels We Deliver Texas storage facility.
  • On arrival in Texas, our team were on hand to unload the shipment and place the surplus freight into climate controlled storage units for delivery at a later date.
  • Wheels We Deliver moving & assembly crew transported the desks & workstations within 24 hours to clients corporate offices in Texas. Everything was assembled, installed and all waste removed within one working day
Fully assembled and installed desks at client's Texas offices

  • Project was completed 4 days prior to deadline to the complete satisfaction of our client #WeDeliver