TikTok, the world's leading social media platform came to Dublin in 2020 starting with a staff of 20. Rapid growth and expansion has seen that number grow to almost 1100 in less than a year and predicted to reach 2000 by the end of 2021.

The Task

In the midst of a global pandemic, one of their many challenges they faced was shipping to their new hires and existing staff base. IT hardware including laptops, screens and misc equipment needed to be shipped quickly to staff working in locations across Dublin, Ireland and EMEA. Additional services such as laptop swap out and large SWAG distributions to over 1000 employees took place at regular intervals

WFH IT Hardware Kits

TikTok SWAG 

The Solution

The team at Wheels We Deliver, through a consistent and concise flow of communication, provide the team at TikTok with real time information on their shipment's status, which allows them to react quickly to ensure there is no delay in on boarding their new hires. 

Through Zoom meetings with the TikTok team, we listened to their pains and needs and our amazing team and flexible service model adapted accordingly. This includes:

* Storage of pallets of stock

* Pick and pack on request

* International Shipping and Reverse Collections

* Labelling for shipments directly from our own despatch system

* Weekend deliveries

The Result

A Very Happy Client :) (see below!)