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A vital part of the global IT supply chain

Wheels We Deliver is acutely aware of the meticulous needs and requirements of the IT and electronics industry. Trust us to provide just-in-time deliveries by air, road or sea to your sites worldwide. We will spend time developing a bespoke data centre logistics solution, while you can devote all your time to developing and selling your innovative products.

Delivering highly complex solutions for the tech sector

We’re at the forefront of designing optimum supply chain solutions for companies in the IT and technology sector — with a trusted process that includes:

  • Specialised transportation load and process management
  • Tracking
  • Sealed exclusive use vehicle ands all equipment in secured containers
  • Pre-planning mandatory documentation and project management specialists who understand high-security, high-value IT logistics
  • Packaging procedures for each type of asset – cabinets, servers, racks etc

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Nationally and internationally connected

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