There's a lot of "All heroes don't wear capes" posts and articles circulating in the media during these unprecedented times. Here at Wheels We Deliver we have our fair share of "Heroes" who go above and beyond every single time for our clients. Over the next few weeks (or months!), we will be celebrating these people in a series of posts. Please take the time to like and share our posts to acknowledge these silent heroes and the service they provide to our clients and the public in general.. thank you!

Meet the Clarkes! Lisa and Mark are with our company for over 15 years and provide a 365 days a year service to one of Ireland's largest hospitals using a fleet of special sterile lined vehicles.

Between the two of them and their back up contingency drivers, they have not had one single service failure in over 10 years providing service to the hospital which is an incredible achievement for such a demanding contract. This includes the snow and storm events of 2018 where they worked tirelessly to provide continous service to the hospital and patients.

The Clarke's don't wear capes and can't fly but they wear Hi-Vis vests with Wheels We Deliver Medical Division emblazoned across them and they provide the most AMAZING service. Thank you!