WheelsWeDeliver Becomes Certified Participant in the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

WheelsWeDeliver is thrilled to announce our recent certification as a participant in the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan (AIPP), strengthening our commitment to the social pillar of ESG. By partnering with our local community garden in Mud Island, we aim to make a positive impact on social and environmental conditions in the surrounding area.

Ken Barron, the Sustainability Project Manager at WheelsWeDeliver, expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative:

“The social aspect of our sustainability strategy is an important strand where we are proactively looking to improve social and environmental conditions in our local community. We are delighted to be providing sponsorship to our friends in our local community garden at Mud Island. The team at Mud Island will utilise the funding provided to plant pollinator-friendly plants, shrubs, and trees such as raspberries and nut trees.”

Mud Island is a volunteer-led community garden located in Dublin’s North East Inner City. Established in 2011, the garden transformed a derelict site owned by Dublin City Council into a thriving green space. The community garden is farmed collectively, and the produce is shared among its members. With a focus on social inclusion, Mud Island welcomes anyone in the area to join.

The benefits of community growing are clearly evident at Mud Island. The garden improves the quality of life and health of its members, contributes to biodiversity and sustainability, increases the ‘green canopy’ in the North East Inner City area of Dublin, and acts as a catalyst for neighbourhood and community development. Furthermore, the garden encourages social interaction between different generations and cultures.


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