We all know the story of sinking ships and the Captain staying on until the end. Whilst Wheels We Deliver is struggling like everyone else, it hasn't sunk yet! This is in no small part to our Captain and General Manager Tom Mack, who has stayed at the wheel in our city centre HQ depot over the past few challenging weeks.

As an essential service, Wheels We Deliver continue to provide 24/7 transport services to a large client base including HSE hospitals, utility firms and the food sector. Throughout the pandemic, Tom has been at the helm, orchestrating the operation, and ensuring all deliveries are completed on time with the added challenge of keeping a large fleet of drivers safe and equipped with all the neccessary Covid-19 sanitising products.

We're sure that presenting Darren Randolph with the Man of the Match award at a recent Ireland international game seems like a million years ago now but Tom please be assured that we all think you're playing a stormer! #AllHeroesDontWearCapes