Monday, 9th November, 2015

Traditionally delivery services were very much inconvenient and expensive. On the other hand carrying extra luggage and heavy loads from one country to another was very much restricted. In the past, people struggled to get their parcels to their loved ones as it was both costly and risky. Parcels were known to go missing, be labelled as undeliverables and get returned to the sender, or simply take an incredibly long time to reach the recipient.

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Friday, 6th November, 2015

Our esteemed leader Bernie Kinsella captured not one, but two highly prestigious awards in the past week.

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Tuesday, 27th October, 2015

Less than a week to go before the 2015 Image Magazine Businesswoman of the Year Awards. Best of luck to Bernie Kinsella & the worldBOX team!

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Wednesday, 9th September, 2015

12,000 more cars are using Dublin's M50 every day, compared to three years ago.

The total number of vehicles using the route is expected to hit 122,000 a day by the end of this year.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland has said growth is being measured at around 8% to 10% on a yearly basis.

Traffic levels on the M50 are now at their highest ever level.

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Tuesday, 18th August, 2015

Happy clients enjoying our complementary ice creams!

On one of the rare Summer days we have had this year in Dublin, Wheels We Deliver hit the streets of the capital to deliver complementary ice creams to some of our clients. Suffice to say our team were met with big smiles all around :)

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