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Environmentally friendly delivery

Environmentally friendly delivery

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Playing our part as eco-conscious couriers

Climate change and pollution is the biggest existential global challenge of our time. As a primary emitter of greenhouse gases, the transport and logistics industry has a responsibility to help address this issue, and at Wheels We Deliver we take this challenge very seriously. 

We are fully dedicated to reducing our ecological footprint, and improving air quality for our couriers and all citizens of Dublin city.

We are collaborating with clients to cluster deliveries to reduce time on the road, dead mileage and overall emissions. It’s all about the right vehicle for the right package, at the right time — and reducing the impact on our environment.


Leading by responsibility

Doing our best to limit our impact on the world — and leading by example in our industry

  • Dublin’s largest fleet of vehicles — including many greener options
  • We save 4 tonnes of CO2 every year by using a cargo bike instead of a van
  • No time wasting — we use intelligent scheduling tech to reduce unnecessary journeys and dead mileage, and boost efficiency
  • Continued investment in greener solutions

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Why choose Wheels We Deliver?

We’re always going the extra mile for our planet, developing innovative and sustainable supply chain solutions

Taking charge

Our city centre office in Dublin 1 doubles as our Green Hub — the central point to charge our electric vans based all over the city, and the home base for our growing fleet of cargo bikes.


The original zero emission vehicle! We have a large pushbike courier fleet in Dublin, and we’re adding to it all the time — each bike saves 2.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

Cargo bikes

We have Dublin’s largest fleet of cargo bikes which can carry the load of a small van (50kg) and dart through traffic using cycle lanes.
Cargo bikes get jobs done 50% faster than a small van at peak times, with each bike completing 10 jobs a day and saving up to 4 tonnes of emissions per year.

Electric vans

We’re constantly expanding our electric vehicle fleet, reducing emissions and noise impact on urban delivery. These vehicles can travel up to 200km a day on a full charge, saving 8 tonnes of emissions per year.

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