Sanitising services

Sanitising services

Protect your staff and customers with eco-friendly sanitising services from Wheels We Deliver

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Our fresh approach to hygiene

At Wheels We Deliver we are taking a sustainable approach to helping the country reopen — focusing on the safety of your staff and customers. We provide chemical-free sanitising solutions to all businesses, offices, schools and creches on a weekly, monthly or once off basis. We can sanitise any surface using ozone — a natural gas that removes over 99% of all unpleasant smells, bacteria, moulds, fungi, yeasts, pollens and mites. And crucially, it inactivates viruses.


We deliver purity

We believe in safety without complication, so we guarantee a hygienically clean workplace without the need for chemical detergents. As the world demands more progressive solutions, we lead the way.

  • Our ozone Sanity System is certified to EU Standards
  • Sanity System is proven to be 99.9% effective in eliminating COVID-19
  • Our ozone gas generators purifies the air using exclusively ozone, removing bad smells and providing spaces with fresh air after each use
  • Ozone used in the process is simply reconverted back into oxygen
  • The most eco-friendly approach — no chemical detergents or other disinfectants
  • Sanitise any surface in the workplace

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Why choose Wheels We Deliver?

We’re always going the extra mile for our planet, developing innovative and sustainable supply chain solutions

Trusted and experienced

Reliable service since 1986

Proactive and progressive approach

Dynamic solutions during challenging times

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Driven by quality and speed of service

Rapid delivery with no compromise

 Nationally and internationally connected

Part of a highly complex supply chain

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